„Meat and dairy products make you sick. Countless studies have proven this. They are mainly responsible for cancer and cardiovascular diseases, but also for many other diseases such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases.

„The healthiest thing is simple and original: plants are rich in valuable dietary fibres that not only prevent constipation, but also help toxins leave the body through the intestines. Colourful plant foods such as tomatoes, peppers and oranges not only make life more colourful, they also contain a large number of antioxidants that protect cells, prevent diseases and prolong life. The lack of nutrients caused by the use of artificial fertilizers and the process of refining cannot be countered with dietary supplements that cannot even begin to imitate the symphony of plants. „We can obtain all the necessary nutrients from wholesome, organically grown plant food.“

– from Peace Food: How not eating meat and milk heals body and soul.“ from Ruediger Dahlke


Further books: 

  • T. Colin Campbell: „The China Study: The most comprehensive Study of Nutrition ever conducted and the startling implication for diet, weight loss, and long-term health.“
  • Gene Stone: „Forkes over Knives: The plant-based way to health.“



What the Health (2015)

Forks Over Knives (2011)

H.O.P.E. – What you eat matters (2018)



Dr. Neil Barnard: What the Dairy Industrie doesn’t want you to know




“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.”

(Leonardo Da Vinci)