November 27, 2018:

On 16 November a new board of directors was elected in a regular general meeting. The reason for the reelection was the resignation of Annette Riedel as 2nd chairwoman of the association.

Annette Riedel founded in October 2017 together with Elisabeth Schön the non-profit association ‚Tiere wollen leben‘. In April 2018 it was renamed with a new board in ‚Lasst die Tiere leben‘ and in October 2018 it was registered in the register of associations.

Annette Riedel accompanied the association with a lot of heart and soul through the founding phase and actively supported it. Her farm, the Muckeles Farm, is managed and expanded by her lovingly and with great commitment. That binds her full energy. Due to the large distance of about 120km to our farm of life project in Hermersdorf, she unfortunately does not have the capacities to actively participate there. Therefore she has released the position of the 2nd chairman, which is now occupied by Sophie Lemcke. Sophie has been very closely involved in the project since April 2018, as she was our social media officer and secretary on the board until she was elected 2nd chairperson. Gina Wanner now takes over these two tasks.

Due to these changes also our homepage has changed a little.

We are very grateful to Annette Riedel and it is by no means a separation for us. ‚Lasst  die Tiere leben e.V.‘ and ‚Muckeles Farm‘ will continue to support each other and fight together for a peaceful coexistence of humans and animals.

November 21, 2018:

Attention, attention: There will be two more visitor days this year.

Once on Saturday, the 01.12., and on Saturday, the 15.12., in each case from 11:00 clock to 15:00 clock. On both days there will be guided tours from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 13:00 to 14:00.

Registration for these days is not necessary. Please also note our guidelines regarding the bringing of dogs in this context: Visitor’s Dog Regulation . We are looking forward to seeing you!

November 20, 2018:

We have reached the€ limit of our Startnext campaign!

This means that all donations received so far will actually be paid out. And moreover every penny more, which we get donated until the end of the campaign on 06.12.. Therefore it is called now: „Continue!

The campaign is still running for 15 days and we are as close as possible to the 75.000€. Because only then we can buy the area and guarantee de animals a for always home.

November 18, 2018:

13 Vegan Youtuber have joined forces to create a cookbook with their favourite recipes.

And as if that wasn’t grand enough, they donate all the proceeds from the book and the e-book to a great project.

You can probably already imagine which project this is: WE!

We are still so overwhelmed and moved by this incredible surprise.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful action.

You can order the great part at

October 25, 2018:

Dear ones, it is getting serious!

We now need your full support once again.
The next 41 days are extremely important for our heart project.

Please help us to finance the urgently needed technical equipment for the work on our sanctuary and to realize the purchase of the land. Only in this way can we really help our enchanting fosterlings in the long term and expand our heart project in the future.

You can find all information under the following link! *click*

Please support us! Please donate if possible and please share our startnext campaign widely!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Also on behalf of our fosterlings.

October 01, 2018:

2446A890-D15D-428B-A646-015406DE5A42At the end of last week we received an emergency call.

Two small calves, which had actually already found a peaceful home, were to be transported by us to this very home.

The transport was agreed for yesterday.  At short notice, however, the new home was cancelled. The transport of the twin calves by the cattle dealer was planned for 5 a.m. yesterday morning. We discussed and decided not to abandon them and picked them up. 

This is a completely unplanned situation for us. The little ones are only 5 weeks old and need intensive care because they are also underweight. For the first time we have to use paid personnel to ensure their care. We could not get any volunteers to help us in the short term. This is also difficult because you practically need 24/7 care.

However, we did not want to make the lives of the little ones dependent on it and therefore we are now urgently asking you for help.

Please donate for the twin babies Lana and Lucy. Please help us to help them!And please share this call for help widely. 

 All possibilities to donate can be found here.

Thank you very much! Also on behalf of all our fosterlings and our two new foster children.

September 24, 2018:

Hello dear community.

We are looking for a construction company for the urgently needed conversion of the house on our farm. It is the „social wing“ of a former fattening plant, 50 min. east of Berlin.

Who knows someone or has contacts to a construction company that could realize this important project for us before winter?

Questions about the details, please send an email to

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

September 23, 2018:


These are Tati and Iana, two small calves (just 3 weeks old) who were rescued from the slaughterhouse by a cattle transport driver and are now allowed to live a happy life on our Elisenhof.

We do our best to ensure that the two recover as quickly as possible and survive the hardships they already had to endure in their young lives. From the very first second, we have taken them into our hearts and will do everything we can to make them happy with us.

September 22, 2018:


The planned visiting day of 23 September 2018 must be postponed by one week to 30 September 2018.

September 20, 2018:

On March 3rd of this year Elisabeth was attacked and injured by her exuberant ram Hugo.

2 years earlier she had taken Hugo in at the Animal Refuge, together with 3 other sheep.
Hugo’s father had also attacked the former keeper on her farm and was then killed directly by the neighbours.

Hugo was also to be killed. Humans presume to execute death sentences without making the slightest effort to understand.

Elisabeth and the whole Lasst die Tiere leben Team love Hugo very much and we are deeply grateful to Günter Garbers – our friend from the samctuary Am Mühlenbach – that he took Hugo in after the accident with Elisabeth.

Günter is a great animal rights activist, vegan shepherd, dropout…
Day and night he stands at our side with his great expertise and is always there for us and the animals. We are so grateful to him and love him for his life’s work.

You can watch the story of Hugo on October 5th on the NDR in the 1st episode of the Hofgeschichten.

September 19, 2018:

Dear ones, it’s time again for a work assignment.

A cat house must be prepared urgently and for it we want to begin now with the preparations. It will become thus above all first of all a large clearing out action. In addition an approx. 2x3m large surface concrete soil must be awaygestemmt.

In addition, all the garbage that has accumulated in the last few months must finally be removed. Also for this we need energetic support.

We know that all this does not sound really like fun, but we still have the breaks in the hindquarters, which can be spent very gladly with our charming sheep and pigs.

For all helpers without a car we of course offer our shuttle service from Obersdorf railway station. Please leave a comment if you are dependent on it.

We are looking forward to seeing you all! Thank you.

September 14, 2018:

Hey dear ones!

Come and visit us on our YouTube channel, too. There we will upload little films about our projects and videos of our protégés again and again.

There we have recently published the video of our lecture at the Veganen Sommerfest Berlin. If you missed our presentation or would like to watch it again, nothing like going to our channel.

At this point a big thank you to the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our fellow world, ProVeg and Berlin-Vegan for the grandiose organization of the summer party.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

September 13, 2018:

What a day!

Today the rbb television was with us, in order to shoot for the broadcasting format zibb a contribution over our association and our life yards.

We are so happy and more than grateful for this great platform. Thanks also to Jörg Holler for the contact.

September 03, 2018:

The time has come!

We still haven’t officially opened the Elisenhof, but nevertheless we’d like to fulfill a wish you’ve expressed to us in many ways.

We are therefore very happy to finally be able to announce the visiting days to you.

In the period from 1 May to 31 October we would like to offer you (for the time being) on the 2nd Saturday of the month and on the 4th Sunday of the month between 12:00 and 16:00 the opportunity to get to know our Elisenhof and its inhabitants personally.

You can find all details here.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

August 16, 2018:

We are looking for reinforcement for our team. If you are interested, please contact us.

But even if this place does not suit you, you can help us by sharing our call widely. Thank you very much!

You‘ll find the employment ad right here:

July 30, 2018:

The relaunch of our homepage goes online – more detailed, clearer and hopefully also to feel comfortable. Welcome here with us. We’re very happy you’re here.

July 10, 2018:

Thanks to the active support of many great helpers, our work last Saturday was once again a complete success.

Fences were put up on two sides of the yard, the social wing and the adjoining planned infirmary were cleaned, the outside enclosure of the pigs was cleaned and a pit located there was once again properly covered and secured.

Many thanks to all diligent helpers! You guys are crazy.

In the course of this post for the work assignment, we would also like to add something to the outside enclosure of the pigs:

Before the pigs moved in, the area was cleaned, checked and accepted by us. At that time it was not foreseeable for us that the deep upheaval of the soil by the pigs would lead to the appearance of improperly disposed building rubble (from before our time). At our request, the management of LEG has confirmed that this must be construction rubble that was left over from a renovation project at that time.
As a direct measure, the outside enclosures have been searched, raked and cleaned by us every day ever since – until we have found and disposed of all residues.
The limestones, which are also churned up, are positive for our pigs and suitable for eating, which they gladly accept.

July 3, 2018:

Our lambs have survived the castration action and all but one survived well. A little soul has unfortunately not awakened from the anaesthetic and is now grazing in heaven together with Robi, Mogli and Thea.

But everyone else is doing fine and we are very happy about that.

We would like to and must ask for your support again today:

Of the free purchase sum for the last 80 lambs rescued, 5000€ is still open. In addition, the costs for the feed change are 700€ and the castration costs will amount to approx. 1160€.

Please help us to overcome this hurdle as well. Every euro counts and helps us to cover these costs and to bear the running costs.

Please share this contribution also widely, because also #sharingiscaring !

We thank you with all our heart and wish you a magical day!


June 12, 2018:

If you don’t dare, you won’t win!

After the deep shock and grief of the lambs who were taken away last Thursday – which we now know for sure are being slaughtered and that the trader is known for his rough treatment of the animals – we have once again set all levers in motion. It is essential that we do not allow the remaining lambs to face the same cruel fate.

After extensive discussions on the board and with the support of the NABU Federal Association, we have decided today to buy out these remaining 80 slaughter lambs – whose deadline has already been brought forward to this week – and thus to protect them from certain death by slaughter.

We take this risk because Elisabeth had a flash of inspiration thanks to her stray tomcat Jesus-Mary. Jesus-Mary was found by a shepherd family, which supplies its 1000 sheep strong herd by landscape conservation.

Landscape conservation! That we didn’t think of that before. With the abolition of the herd of LEG Hermersdorf, landscape conservation in Hermersdorf would of course also have to be achieved elsewhere. Now we save the animals and can contribute at the same time to the preservation of the landscape (among other things on areas of the Nabu), which removes some obstacles with regard to the space problem.

Nevertheless, we would like to and must of course continue to acquire the entire LEG site. Firstly, because we must, of course, continue to prevent the site from being returned to a factory farm. On the other hand, of course also to protect our herd, not least during the winter months.

Despite all the good news, it is part of the deal and the agreement that we have to pay the entire free purchase amount of €9,600 by Friday. Therefore, we will first stretch them out of our private pockets. To cover these expenses, we need your donations more than urgently. We have no reserves after the purchase of the 54. So we ask you once again with all your heart in the name of these wonderful souls to actively support us with free gifts, to share this post widely and/or to give us further ideas, to whom we can turn with our call for help. These 80 lambs have only one chance – us!


June 8, 2018:

„Every animal matters“ and that is why we mourn for every single „our“ lamb that was robbed of its chance of a life yesterday against the agreement.

We are just stunned, empty… So many innocent, wonderful souls.

Thinking about what lies ahead of them tears our hearts apart. We wanted to keep her from it, but we couldn’t. We’re so sorry!

We’ll never forget her. And we will continue their story. Until humanity understands that every life counts. No matter what body it’s in.

When Elisabeth and Kathrin went to the farm yesterday to feed the animals, they were horrified to see how many lambs were loaded for slaughter. Instead of the 54 lambs that we were able to buy out on 1 June, a group of the other lambs still in the sheep farm were sent to the butcher. And this, although we were assured that there is still time for the remaining animals. Elisabeth and Kathrin could do nothing but document this cruelty and say goodbye mentally.

We will probably never forget this breach of trust. We are sticking to our project „Preventing factory farming – making the farm life project a reality“. Now more than ever! For all our sorely missed friends.


June 6, 2018:

The sun shines brightly and warmly on this beautiful spring day and nature shows itself from its most beautiful side. While the birds chirp their songs, the wind makes the leaves of the trees rustle gently. As far as the eye can see, fields of lush green and sunny yellow, interspersed with poppies and cornflowers. The noise and hectic pace of the nearby city of Berlin can’t be felt out here. And even if in the middle of this idyllic setting abandoned stables, ruinous buildings and a sheep farm bear witness to the sad past of this little place, we can make it a place of peace and freedom forever. If we all believe together…

A free purchase of the remaining 330 sheep and lambs can only take place if we can also purchase the entire LEG area of 65 hectares including buildings and agricultural machinery. We have already received an offer in this regard from LEG Hermersdorf with a purchase price of €500,000. We would love to buy this land – in cooperation with the Solawi Plantation – of course.

What could be more symbolic for the vegan idea than to prevent a new factory farm from opening at this location?

What could be more symbolic for the vegan idea than to transform a former factory farming area into a farm of life with neighbouring biovegan agriculture?

If only 50.000 people donate 10€ each, this dream can become reality!
With approximately 1.3 million Veganern and approximately 80 million not yet veganern in Germany should be nevertheless feasible.

Photocredit: Timo Stammberger

May 30, 2018:

Dear ones, we’re so happy right now!

Thanks to your help, we are able to buy out 21 of the 54 lambs in the mast. In addition, we have just received confirmation from our vegan shepherd friend that he can take over the remaining 33 lambs. The deadline for notification to the butcher would have been the day after tomorrow. All the greater is our joy and relief. WHOOOPWHOOOOP!!!

We don’t know what to say!

Please share this contribution extensively and help us to secure the free purchase sums as well as sponsorships for these 33 lambs!

The free purchase per lamb amounts to 120€, a full sponsorship 35€ monthly and a partial sponsorship is possible in any amount from 5€ monthly.

Thank you so much!!!! Let’s toast to this wonderful news.


May 18, 2018:

An exact date for the pick up of the first lambs has unfortunately not yet been given to us, but one thing is certain: we only have a few days left.

Currently about 50 lambs are about to be slaughtered. Thanks to your help we can definitely buy 7 lambs and 4 mothers out of these 50 lambs. The sheep farm closes at the end of the summer, so no animals are „post-produced“ there after free purchase.

In order to save more lambs, we are now dependent on sponsorships!
As you can certainly imagine, the accommodation and care of the 14 pigs and 53 sheep already living with us cannot be underestimated from a cost point of view.

In order not to endanger our life farm project and thus the supply of our protégés, we are unfortunately currently forced to make the further free purchases to a large extent dependent on the incoming sponsorships.

A full sponsorship for a sheep is 35€ per month, a partial sponsorship can be concluded in any amount from 5€ per month. A full sponsorship can also be made possible by combining several partial sponsors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

May 2, 2018:

Yesterday was finally the day – our first big work assignment took place and it was fantastic!

There were so many great people there to help us and together we have done so much:

– Breakthrough in the new pigsty
– Wall „blasting“ in the social wing
– Pork outdoor area 1 fenced
– Pork outside area 2 well prepared
– Social wing completely coarsely cleaned
– great photos of our protégés

We are eternally grateful for this incredible help!

And our pig gang is the most happy, because they were allowed to move into their new stable and outdoor facilities today.

Many thanks again to all diligent helpers. You were great. Thank you!

April 21, 2018:

Hip, hip, hooray! The piggies are here!

Today at 5:00 pm 14 cheerful, not so small piglets moved into their new home on our farm. At first a little shy, they trusted us within a very short time and then curiously and also a little cheekily explored the stable and above all us.

And what shall we tell you…
They’re just so incredibly enchanting! We fell head over heels in love right away.

April 9, 2018:

„The secret of happiness is freedom, but the secret of freedom is courage.“ (Thukydides)

Please support us in realizing our vision. Every Euro helps. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

April 1, 2018:

On April 1, 2018, we leased a 2.6 hectare site of LEG Hermersdorf with a purchase option. The purchase price for this section has still not been determined, as the appraisal has not yet been completed. The rent is 1000€ per month.

We can now give 14 rescued laboratory piglets a home on the site. The lambs we want to save from slaughter before Easter will also live here. Easter lambs shall live!!!!

The purchase price for a lamb is 120€.
Please help us with your donation so that we can save as many as possible.

We also urgently need sponsorships for the pigs and lambs.
The full sponsorship for a pig is 100€ per month, for a lamb 35€ per month. Partial sponsorships are possible in any amount starting at 5€ per month.

March 21, 2018: 

Laboratory piglet rescue

At the beginning of March, Silke Arnold was able to take 30 lively, cheerful young pigs from an experimental laboratory and thus save them from being killed. The animals urgently need a place where they can live in a species-appropriate, fear-free and happy way.

We were asked if we could accommodate some of the animals. Our dream project of a farm of life offers ideal conditions due to the stables and the 2.6 hectare large area.

We took the plunge and will take in 11 pigs. Currently 6 godparents. We are still urgently looking for sponsors for the remaining 5 pigs. They will move in with us in the week after Easter. we are very much looking forward to them.

Please help us with a sponsorship. Partial sponsorships are possible from 5€ per month.

February 22, 2018:

Our project: Closing the animal factory – making the farm life project come true

Our greatest wish is to save as many animals as possible from death by slaughter. To enable these animals to live a species-appropriate and happy life, we need land, stables and professional care. This paradise exists. We’ve known about the owner’s plans to sell for months. Fortunately for us, he has now offered it for purchase for our life farm project. Here really all conditions are fulfilled, a dream for animals. Unfortunately, we do not have the financial means to buy this wonderful country and hope that this fundraiser will give us the opportunity to offer these animals a happy home.

This will also prevent the plant from being sold to people who want to use it for factory farming. Please help us!

The sales price is currently being determined by means of a value appraisal. We will publish it as soon as we are informed.

NEWS: The 11 rescued laboratory piglets will move in here in the week after Easter. Due to the urgency, we were able to conclude a lease agreement with pre-emptive right. We can pay the rent safely for 5 months. With secure funding, so many rescued animals could find a wonderful home here.

GoFundMe campaign




“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.”

(Gary L. Francione)